After we pass on…

Veronica channeled by April Crawford responds to a question about the “other side”

Dear VERONICA, I often wonder what it’s like when we return to the spiritual realm. Are we still individuals with bodies, houses and cars? Do we look like the same persons we just were? Do we still have an appearance, or are we invisible beings? Can we still do the things we enjoy like hug our children, enjoy interesting conversations, go for a walk on the beach? Thank you for all of your wisdom! Love always, Brandygene

The other side is one big soup… from which a part of our soul reaches out into the three dimensions to enjoy a ride called “this life”. Like the rides at Disneyland, each has its own flavor and thrill.

Dear Brandygene, the spiritual realm being of higher vibration does not create houses, cars and things. Those are products of a creative physical environment. The appearance of the soul may fluctuate between all of your lives. The choice of manifestation is the soul’s. All of your enjoyment choices are available should you want to participate. The most important perspective is that you have had many lives, bodies, cultures, lessons, etc. Attempt to view this from a multidimensional point of view for better understanding. – Veronica

After we pass on…

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